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Clan Donnachaidh. Passionate student of History, Classics, Mythology & Literature. Bar wench, book nerd, fangirl, celticist, medievalist. Potterhead, Sassenach, Dormerite, Heughligan, Caitriot, Fanson, Whovian, Janeite, Stark. Proud Ravenclaw.
This Tumblr is my heart, in mostly-reblogged imagery & literature. It is a whimsy blog full of history, monarchy, mythology, nature, magic, archaeology, architecture, art, disney, vintage photography/film, fashion, & stuff I’m obsessed with.
Warning: Occasional death & drug references.

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The 185 Chairs installation.  

185 Chairs of different types reflecting the 185 individuals who died in the Christchurch Earthquake of February 22nd, 2011.

The chairs were painted by Pete Majendie as an act of remembrance. They are on display on Madras Street (where the Baptist Church once stood).

(Source: christchurchdailyphoto.com)